Has it already been six weeks since Firefox 6.0 was released? Apparently so, since Firefox 7.0 has just been made available for Windows, OS X, and Linux users to download.

Firefox 7.0 is the first stable release to benefit from Mozilla's "MemShrink" initiative, which aims to improve the browser's speed and resource usage by reducing memory requirements and addressing memory leaks that can bog down the browser over long sessions, or for users with many tabs open simultaneously.

Other new additions include a new version of "Canvas," a Direct2D acceleration feature for HTML5 games and animations; support for the W3C navigation timing API, which can help developers measure page load time under a variety of different circumstances; and Telemetry, which can send anonymous information about your browsing sessions to Mozilla to aid in the identification of performance issues. Upon installing Firefox 7.0, you'll be given the opportunity to opt-in or opt-out of Telemetry.

The full Firefox 7.0 release notes can be found here, for those interested in technical details. The update should be available to current FIrefox users now, and you can always get the latest version manually at getfirefox.com.

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  • Belard - Thursday, September 29, 2011 - link

    Jumping from FF4 to 7 in about... 3-4 months? And the BIG thing between FF6 and FF7 is the FONT?!

    So what really came out today was ff4.3. Note, I will no longer refer to Firefox as FF, but as ff. Your stupid marketing team which I guess was hired from nVidia are plain STUPID. At the idiotic rate you guys are going in a race to catch up with Chrome (which is really version 2.4), you'll hit ff20 by 2013.

    Let me guess, the big change between ff19 and ff20 will be changing the version number in the About page?

    I'll stick with ff4.0. Opera 11 is a better browser anyway. Far more useful, far more functional out of the box with many functions YOU (mozilla) have copied from because you guys are no longer creative nor have original thought or talent.
  • ziptone - Monday, October 3, 2011 - link

    Actually the "about" page is "about" Mozilla not firefox. The about/about firefox page is a link to it's self! No version number is referenced. Even the system requirements page for 7.0 only refers to version 6.0. I doubt it's even being updated.

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