Fujitsu isn’t one of the companies we at AnandTech usually encounter in the realm of laptops; for whatever reason, their presence in the US market is decidedly limited. Nevertheless, they sent us news letting us know of their two latest Ultrabooks, the 13.3” LIFEBOOK UH572 and the 14” LIFEBOOK U772. The specs follow the familiar pattern, which we’ll cover in the table below, with a few exceptions.

The biggest differentiator is that Fujitsu’s LIFEBOOK offerings generally target the business sector more than the consumer market, and Fujitsu calls the U772 a “commercial Ultrabook”—the UH572 is more of a consumer model. That should mean build quality is generally higher, though we haven’t handled it so we can’t say for certain. You also get a fingerprint scanner as part of the package on the U772 and it has support for a port replicator. For now, the UH572 is only available in one configuration while the U772 is a user configurable (with a lower priced preconfigured model due in late June).

Fujitsu LIFEBOOK Ultrabook Specifications
Model UH572 U772
Processor Core i5-3317U
(1.7GHz/2.6GHz Turbo, 3MB L3)
Core i7-3667U
(2.0GHz/3.2GHz Turbo, 4MB L3)

Core i5-3427U
(1.8GHz/2.8GHz Turbo, 3MB L3)

Core i5-3317U
(1.7GHz/2.6GHz Turbo, 3MB L3)
Chipset Intel HM76 Intel HM76 or QM77
Memory Motherboard Mounted
(2x2GB DDR3-1600)
(2x4GB via service by Fujitsu)
(Up to 8GB DDR3-1600)
Graphics Intel HD 4000 (16 EUs)
1050MHz Max Clock
Intel HD 4000 (16 EUs)
1050 (3317U) or 1150MHz Max Clock
Display 13.3" 768p (1366x768) 14" Glossy or Matte 768p (1366x768)
Hard Drive(s) 500GB 5400RPM HDD
32GB SSD Cache
320/500GB 5400RPM HDD with
32GB SSD Cache, or

128/256GB SSD
Battery 4-cell Lithium-Polymer
Up to 5:50 hours battery life
4-cell 45Wh Lithium-Ion
Up to 7:00 hours battery life
I/O Ports, etc. HDMI
2 x USB 3.0 (1x Anytime Power)
1 x USB 2.0
Headphone jack
Intel 2230 802.11bgn WiFi
Bluetooth 4.0 (Intel 2230)
Intel WiDi
SD/MS Flash reader
HD webcam
65W AC adapter
2 x USB 3.0 (1x Anytime Power)
1 x USB 2.0
Headphone jack
Intel 6205 802.11agn WiFi
Bluetooth 4.0 (Optional)
Mini LAN (Adapter cable required)
SD Flash reader
HD webcam
65W AC adapter
Dimensions 12.72" x 9.21" x 0.71" (WxDxH)
(323mm x 234mm x 18mm)
12.87" x 8.85" x 0.69" (WxDxH)
(327mm x 225mm x 17.5mm)
Note: 0.61”/15.5mm without feet
Weight 3.5 lbs (1.59kg) 3.15 lbs (1.43kg) with SSD
(3.18 lbs/1.45kg with HDD)
Operating System Windows 7 Home Premium 32/64-bit Windows 7 Professional 32/64-bit
Pricing $999 MSRP Configurable starting at $1299
Preconfigured MSRP $1149 (late June)

Considering both models come from the same OEM, some of the differences between the two offerings are quite odd. The UH572 is a 13.3”-screen chassis while the U772 is a 14”-screen chassis, and yet the dimensions of the U772 are only 0.15” wider while being 0.36” shallower and slightly thinner. The U772 also weighs 10% less than the UH572 when equipped with an SSD (or 9% less if both use HDD+SSD storage). Other differences include the OS, flash memory support, the wireless chipset, the lack of mini LAN and the fingerprint scanner on the UH572, and the memory setup (e.g. onboard vs. SO-DIMM).

Of course, there’s a reason for the above differences: the UH572 starts at $999 while the least expensive configuration of the U772 (the preconfigured i5-3317U model that won't be available until late June) starts at $1149. As noted above, the U772 is also targeting business users with additional features for that market. Images of the two Ultrabooks are in the gallery below, along with some schematics drawings (though some of the schematics on the UH572 appear incorrect as they mention elements not present on the actual laptop).

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  • fuzzybabybunny - Monday, June 11, 2012 - link

    Pretty much. 1366x768, not interested, don't even need to read any further. Don't care, will never look at the product, and never have it be a consideration.

    Laptop manufacturers, take note. Asus and Apple actually get what consumers want with their 1080p screens on their ultrabooks. Hell, at least make it an *option*. And don't cheap out and provide a crappy TN panel.

    1366x768 is practically useless for most work.
  • Coup27 - Saturday, July 28, 2012 - link

    Hi Jarred,

    I really think AT should make a bit more of an effort to cover Fujitsu hardware. I appreciate that you said their popularity in the US isn't that great, but AT is an International site and I do think they are popular and a lot of business IT people (ie me) do read AT and use it's information to assist our decision making.

    I'm actually working with a Fujitsu TX200 S6 and some LIFEBOOK E751's and I have been very impressed with their overall feature set, build quality and general package. Fujitsu don't shy away from technical data in their data sheets and present all the information us tech's love, and Dell and HP love to hide. I think it's a shame they're forgotten about on AT.

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