03:24PM EDT - Now thats a wrap

03:20PM EDT - After a performance by The Weekend

03:19PM EDT - And that's a wrap. We're going to go see the rest of the conference

03:19PM EDT - Very Beats 1-centric

03:17PM EDT - Apple Musc ad rolling

03:17PM EDT - Back to Tim

03:17PM EDT - Covers up to 6 accounts

03:17PM EDT - Family accounts for $14.99

03:17PM EDT - First 3 months are free

03:16PM EDT - $9.99/month

03:16PM EDT - iOS, Windows, and late this fall Android

03:16PM EDT - Launching in 100+ countries later this month

03:15PM EDT - And that is Apple Music

03:15PM EDT - (Siri picked the wrong Selma the first time)

03:14PM EDT - Including historial charts

03:14PM EDT - Able to play from the top song charts

03:13PM EDT - Demoing Siri's music abilities

03:10PM EDT - Demo reel

03:10PM EDT - Beats 1

03:09PM EDT - HD Music Videos as well. Ad-free

03:09PM EDT - Charts, latest singles, etc

03:09PM EDT - Continuing to demo music

03:07PM EDT - Showing music recommendations

03:06PM EDT - Custom playlist artwork

03:06PM EDT - Accessing other works from the playing artist

03:04PM EDT - Showing the new UI for the music app

03:04PM EDT - Demo time

03:04PM EDT - Happy birthday for Phil Schiller

03:04PM EDT - Drake has left the stage. Back to Eddy

03:01PM EDT - Now on stage: Drake

03:00PM EDT - Artists can post material (pictures, text, etc) as they see fit

03:00PM EDT - Looks very Twitter-ish

03:00PM EDT - Artist Connect

02:59PM EDT - Broadcast from NYC, LA, and London

02:58PM EDT - Radio station: Beats 1

02:56PM EDT - Recommendations made by real people

02:56PM EDT - For You, recommended music

02:56PM EDT - My Music, can search and stream the iTunes library

02:55PM EDT - Now on stage: Eddy Cue

02:54PM EDT - 3) Connecting fans with artists

02:53PM EDT - 2) 24/7 radio station

02:53PM EDT - Algorithms aren't good enough, need a human touch

02:52PM EDT - Apple music is 3 things: Revolutionary music service (got an unexpected laugh from the audience)

02:52PM EDT - "All the ways you love music. All in one place"

02:51PM EDT - (This presumably is what Apple wanted Beats for)

02:51PM EDT - Apple launching their own online 24 hour radio station

02:50PM EDT - iTunes Radio reborn

02:49PM EDT - Another video

02:49PM EDT - Listing all of the different streaming services

02:48PM EDT - "2015, music industry is a fragmented mess"

02:47PM EDT - Now on stage: Jimmy Iovine

02:46PM EDT - "The next chapter in musc"

02:46PM EDT - Apple Music

02:46PM EDT - (Mild irony here. Apple's original settlement with Apple Records/The Beatles was that they had to stay away from music)

02:45PM EDT - Starting iwith a video on the history of music

02:45PM EDT - Music

02:44PM EDT - One more thing

02:44PM EDT - Recapping the OS announcements

02:44PM EDT - Tim's back

02:43PM EDT - Releases this fall

02:43PM EDT - WatchOS 2 dev beta today

02:43PM EDT - (I'm curious what the battery life hit will be from some of these features)

02:42PM EDT - Digital crown usage

02:42PM EDT - Time travel, email reply

02:38PM EDT - Demo time

02:38PM EDT - And of course, Digital Crown acess

02:38PM EDT - Taptic engine control

02:37PM EDT - Devs can also access the accelerometer

02:37PM EDT - Native HomeKit support

02:37PM EDT - Short video on the Watch

02:36PM EDT - Devs can now access Watch microphone and speaker

02:36PM EDT - Apps can use WiFi

02:36PM EDT - Native apps mean all UI and logic is on the Watch

02:35PM EDT - Discussing WatchKit and how the logic runs on the phone

02:35PM EDT - Now for developer WatchOS news

02:35PM EDT - Watch/Sii also gets HomeKit control

02:34PM EDT - And Transit support

02:34PM EDT - Watch gets Wallet, of course

02:33PM EDT - Achievements

02:33PM EDT - Siri is getting workout support

02:33PM EDT - Fitness apps can run natively on the watch

02:32PM EDT - Facetime Audio support coming

02:32PM EDT - Reply to email from Watch

02:32PM EDT - Now can have groups of friends

02:31PM EDT - Communication update

02:31PM EDT - Nightstand clock mode when it's on its side charging

02:31PM EDT - Nightstand mode

02:31PM EDT - "Flux Capacitor sold seperately"

02:30PM EDT - Show past/future calendar appointments, etc

02:30PM EDT - Time Travel: look at inforation forward and backward in time

02:29PM EDT - Complications are additional bits of information from other apps

02:29PM EDT - App developers can now make their own compliations

02:28PM EDT - (No word on Poker Face)

02:28PM EDT - Photo face

02:27PM EDT - New timepieces

02:27PM EDT - WatchOS 2

02:27PM EDT - Kevin Lynch of Apple to now present new WatchOS

02:27PM EDT - (Watch OS 1.0: Osborned in 6 weeks)

02:26PM EDT - Give developers freedom, see what thye do

02:26PM EDT - Current apps are pretty reliant on the iPhone

02:26PM EDT - Bringing native apps to the watch

02:26PM EDT - WatchOS update

02:25PM EDT - (The fact that there's so much revenue in the iOS ecosystem is no small part of the reason there are so many happy developers here)

02:19PM EDT - Highlighting the progress of the App Store

02:19PM EDT - Video time

02:18PM EDT - Paid out $30B to developers

02:18PM EDT - (Angry Birds for every man, woman, and child, 13 times over)

02:17PM EDT - 100 billion app downloads

02:17PM EDT - App Store Update

02:17PM EDT - Apple banking hard on Swift across entire product lineup

02:16PM EDT - (Swift license wasn't mentioned, but Apple does have their own open source license type)

02:16PM EDT - )Apple still sells A5 devices, so they have to support A5 for a while longer)

02:15PM EDT - Will support all of the devices iOS 8 supported

02:15PM EDT - Final version in the fall

02:15PM EDT - Public beta of iOS 9 in July

02:15PM EDT - Developer beta today

02:15PM EDT - Compiler and standard libraries for iOS, OS X, and Linux

02:15PM EDT - (Seriously, it's really loud in here)

02:14PM EDT - (Developers go wild)

02:14PM EDT - Swift is going open source

02:14PM EDT - Want to eee 20 years of Swift

02:14PM EDT - Protocol extensions

02:13PM EDT - Whole Module Optimization

02:13PM EDT - Swift 2

02:13PM EDT - Next up: Swift

02:12PM EDT - CarPlay: adds support for apps by the automarker

02:12PM EDT - Can access HomeKit remotely via iCloud

02:12PM EDT - HomeKit: support for security systems, carbon monoxide sensors, etc

02:11PM EDT - Healthkit updated, new metrics

02:11PM EDT - ReplayKit: record and share video (ala NVIDIA ShadowPlay)

02:11PM EDT - App thinning to get app size down

02:10PM EDT - UI testing in Xcode

02:10PM EDT - Dev recap

02:10PM EDT - Recap time

02:10PM EDT - Lack of free space was a common issue on iOS 8 (espeially on most common 16GB SKUs)

02:10PM EDT - Need just 1.3GB of free space to get to iOS 9

02:09PM EDT - New OTA update changes

02:09PM EDT - Adds ~3 hours to battery life

02:09PM EDT - New low-power mode

02:08PM EDT - Seeing 1 hour increased battery life on iPhone

02:08PM EDT - Refocusing on battery life

02:08PM EDT - Core Graphics and Core Animation now Metal-ized on iOS as well

02:08PM EDT - Slideover supports A7 devices and newer

02:07PM EDT - Need iPad Air 2 for split-view

02:07PM EDT - Existing auto layout and size classes do most of the work

02:07PM EDT - Will be new developer APIs

02:06PM EDT - That's multitasking

02:06PM EDT - WatchESPN in a small window over Mail.app

02:06PM EDT - Also new: picture-in-picture

02:05PM EDT - (2GB of RAM doesn't feel so big anymore)

02:05PM EDT - Slide the split over entirely to go back to monolithic

02:04PM EDT - Adjustable split

02:04PM EDT - Opening a new primary app keeps the seconday app on the side

02:03PM EDT - Multi-app, multi-touch

02:03PM EDT - Called Split View

02:03PM EDT - Safari next to notes, etc

02:03PM EDT - Side-by-side applications

02:03PM EDT - Very Aero-3D like

02:02PM EDT - New task switcher on iPad

02:02PM EDT - Demo time

02:02PM EDT - Multitasking

02:02PM EDT - Physical keyboard improvements. Shortcuts for app switching, guide that shows shortcuts, etc

02:01PM EDT - Showing using two-fingers to select, copy, and paste text

02:01PM EDT - Two fingers down can now be used as a trackpad

02:01PM EDT - Added new features to shortcut bar

02:00PM EDT - (not to be confused with Quicktime)

02:00PM EDT - Quicktype Keyboard

02:00PM EDT - Switching gears to iPad

02:00PM EDT - Rolling out in the US, UK, and Australia

01:59PM EDT - News will be open to anyone who wants to publish to it

01:59PM EDT - New York Times will give 30 free articles/day for News users

01:59PM EDT - Once again hammering home privacy

01:58PM EDT - That's News

01:58PM EDT - Continuing to demo form and eye candy of News

01:57PM EDT - Can search for topics. Example: Swift (Apple, not Taylor)

01:56PM EDT - News keeps track of over 1 million topics

01:56PM EDT - Not seeing any ads...

01:56PM EDT - ESPN. Photos and videos built in

01:55PM EDT - Animations as well

01:54PM EDT - Focuing on rich typography and images; form

01:54PM EDT - I'm told this is very similar to Flipboard

01:53PM EDT - (Sadly no AnandTech listed)

01:53PM EDT - Selecting her sources

01:53PM EDT - Demoing News

01:53PM EDT - Now on stage: Susan Prescott of Apple

01:52PM EDT - News content sourced from other sources, customized for the reader

01:52PM EDT - New app: News

01:51PM EDT - Transit can also tell you if Apple Pay is supported

01:51PM EDT - Sounds like a major push for Apple, especially in China

01:51PM EDT - Transit starting in major cities

01:51PM EDT - Siri knows transit

01:50PM EDT - Step-by-step directions, including walking and time for each step

01:49PM EDT - Buses, trains, & more

01:49PM EDT - New public transit map

01:49PM EDT - 3.5x higher usage than next-leading mapping app

01:49PM EDT - Up next: Maps

01:48PM EDT - Coming to all devices, iOS and Mac

01:48PM EDT - (Notes is increasingly turning into a full-fledged word processor)

01:47PM EDT - Formatting toolbar, checklists, pictures

01:47PM EDT - Notes has new features

01:47PM EDT - Now up: improvements to Apple's iOS 9 apps

01:46PM EDT - It is now Wallet

01:46PM EDT - Passbook is getting renamed

01:45PM EDT - Ability to add store loyalty cards

01:45PM EDT - New iOS 9 features for Apple Pay

01:45PM EDT - London transportation system will also support Apple Pay

01:45PM EDT - 250K locations in the UK

01:44PM EDT - Will support 70% of credit/debit cards in the UK

01:44PM EDT - Laucnhing with 8 banks

01:44PM EDT - Coming in July

01:44PM EDT - Apple Pay coming to the UK

01:43PM EDT - Now discussing Apply Pay support in apps

01:43PM EDT - 1 million locations supporting Apple Pay next month

01:42PM EDT - Square is lauching a new reader with Apple Pay support

01:42PM EDT - Apple Pay support at both NBA Finals arenas

01:42PM EDT - Including JC Penny's and Basin Robins

01:42PM EDT - Focusing on getting more merchants on-board

01:41PM EDT - Up next: Apple Pay

01:41PM EDT - Apple doesn't want to be in the business of selling info

01:40PM EDT - A shot across the bow of Google

01:40PM EDT - Anonymous, not associated with Apple ID, not linked to other Apple services, not shared with 3rd parties

01:40PM EDT - Privacy

01:40PM EDT - Reminder from Siri that it's time to leave

01:39PM EDT - "Show my karaoke photos of Eddie"

01:39PM EDT - Apple is increasingly in competition with Google here with searching and results

01:38PM EDT - Conversions in search

01:38PM EDT - Searching for potatos. Results from Yumly

01:37PM EDT - Siri is making suggestions based on location and what the presenter has been up to

01:37PM EDT - Now in kitchen

01:36PM EDT - Suggested music is high-energy for working out

01:36PM EDT - Scenario: plugging in headphones in home gym

01:35PM EDT - Showing new Siri features

01:34PM EDT - Demo time

01:34PM EDT - Applications can have system search include searching said apps, goes right to the app if you follow the result

01:34PM EDT - "Cards" for search results

01:33PM EDT - There is now an API for search

01:33PM EDT - Location-aware search and features

01:33PM EDT - Also discussing guessing at identies of unknown callers based on your activity

01:32PM EDT - A highly predictive system, basicly

01:32PM EDT - Audiobooks in the car, etc

01:32PM EDT - Example: launch Now Playing on the lock screen when headphones are in

01:31PM EDT - Bringing proactivity to the OS

01:31PM EDT - Location-aware reminders as well

01:31PM EDT - Reminder support

01:30PM EDT - New commands

01:30PM EDT - New Siri UI for IOS9

01:30PM EDT - 40% reduction in Siri word error rate. Overall error rate is down to 5%

01:30PM EDT - First theme: Intelligence & Siri

01:29PM EDT - Foundational update

01:29PM EDT - Talking about adoption rate. Usual barbs thrown at competitors

01:28PM EDT - Shifting gears to iOS

01:28PM EDT - RTM and free update in the fall

01:28PM EDT - Public beta in July

01:28PM EDT - El Capitan dev betay today

01:28PM EDT - Evan Autodesk is on-board

01:27PM EDT - Fortnite this fall

01:27PM EDT - No idea yet on what features are exposed on OS X Metal though; if they expose the full capabilities of Kepler/GCN hardware

01:26PM EDT - Going with Metal may get them moving more quickly, at the cost of being proprietary

01:26PM EDT - Apple has been one of OpeenGL's big supporters, but they have also been slow to support newer versions

01:25PM EDT - Now demoing Fortnite

01:25PM EDT - 70% reduction in CPU use versus OpenGL (no details provided)

01:25PM EDT - All real time of course

01:24PM EDT - 64 layers of rendering effects

01:24PM EDT - Fortnite running on Metal

01:23PM EDT - Now on stage to demo Metal: Epic Games

01:23PM EDT - Adobe is going to adopt Metal for Creative Cloud applications

01:23PM EDT - This is not unexpected, though I'm curious whether they will eventually support OpenGL Vulkan

01:22PM EDT - CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation will run on Metal

01:22PM EDT - Apple's low-level API is coming to the Mac

01:21PM EDT - Metal coming to OS X

01:21PM EDT - 4x PDF preview perf improvement

01:21PM EDT - Performance

01:20PM EDT - Recapping it all

01:20PM EDT - New notes app

01:20PM EDT - Back to spotlight

01:19PM EDT - Can change the ratio between halves

01:19PM EDT - Expose side-by-side windows. Aka Windows Snap

01:18PM EDT - Hiding/retrieving windows as well

01:18PM EDT - Windows within a full screen application

01:17PM EDT - Mission Control updates

01:17PM EDT - Next up: window management

01:16PM EDT - Also showing new spotlight mail

01:16PM EDT - Weather. Sports. Etc

01:16PM EDT - Using it to showcase Siri-like features

01:15PM EDT - Spotlight: using it

01:15PM EDT - Indicator to tell you which tab is playing audio

01:14PM EDT - Pinning sites in Safari

01:14PM EDT - New gestures. Swiping in mail

01:13PM EDT - Demo time

01:13PM EDT - OS X El Capitan

01:13PM EDT - Jokes about finding a new name

01:12PM EDT - Fastest adoption rate of any desktop OS ever

01:11PM EDT - Craig Federighi just came on stage

01:11PM EDT - OS X presentation time

01:11PM EDT - Tim Cook just announced native app support is coming to Apple Watch

01:10PM EDT - (Struggling with WiFI)

01:07PM EDT - The real Tim Cook has taken the stage. Talking about stats relating to WWDC attendees.

01:03PM EDT - Tim Cook look-alikes

01:02PM EDT - Intro video/skit with David LeGray

12:58PM EDT - However services are another story, especially with the iTunes Store

12:58PM EDT - Will we see new hardware? It's hard to say, but for WWDC, most likely not

12:55PM EDT - Traditinally Apple announces their next desktop and mobile OSes here. We're expecting the same here

12:51PM EDT - And with Apple's popularity it is now a huge event

12:51PM EDT - WWDC is of course Apple's annual developer conference

12:50PM EDT - WWDC is of course Apple's annual developer conference

12:48PM EDT - Ryan's on the keys, while Brandon is on the (virtual) camera

12:47PM EDT - We're here at Moscone West at Apple's 2015 WWDC keynote



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  • Morawka - Tuesday, June 9, 2015 - link

    they didn't do it out of the goodness of their heart, they did it for market share. Reply
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    Who would even use it otherwise? Reply
  • mkozakewich - Monday, June 8, 2015 - link

    "The next chapter in musc"

    Mmm. I'd like to know more about Tim Cook's favourite musc.
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