SPEC CFP2000 Performance

Time constraints kept us from completing the 6 to 8 hour run of SPECfp2000 on the KT133 chipset, however we managed to get individual scores for it which you will see shortly.  But let’s look at how the AMD 760 stacks up to the i840 and i815 in SPECfp2000.

Intel’s current fastest setup is the i840 with the Pentium III 1GHz, and the 1GHz Athlon on the AMD 760 has no problem trampling all over that solution.  A combination of the new 266MHz FSB and its PC2100 DDR SDRAM provide for this 25% performance lead. 

We expect that the new Intel Compilers (v5.0) will improve performance another 10% or so in this benchmark for the Intel CPUs, still leaving the Athlon/AMD 760 with a decent lead. 

From what we’ve seen though this level of performance won’t be enough to compete with the Pentium 4, luckily AMD can also compete on the basis of price and they also have another ace up their sleeves which they have yet to reveal.

The performance advantage is severely reduced with just bare minimum compiler optimizations, and as we’re about to find out this isn’t the only time we’ll see that happen. 

Let's start out by looking at the breakdown of the SPECfp2000 scores...

Illustrating the need for DDR - Linpack SPEC CFP2000 Breakdown
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