be quiet! is one of the most widely known hardware manufacturers in Germany and across Europe, with ranges including CPU cooling, chassis, and case fans. Adding to its range of CPU coolers, be quiet! has unveiled its latest series of AIO coolers, the Pure Loop. Available with multiple radiator sizes spanning from 120 mm to 360 mm, be quiet! looks to aggressively target enthusiasts and performance to keep things running nice and cool. Back in 2016, be quiet! unleashed its first-ever series of AIOs, the Silent Loop. Fast forward four years from then, and be quiet! has opted for a different route, dropping Alphacool for its pump OEM, and opted for an undisclosed brand. The new Pure Loop AIO CPU coolers are available in four...

Corsair Releases H100i PRO CPU Cooler: 240mm, Mag Lev fans, RGB LED

Corsair has released a new addition to its Hydro Series PRO closed loop coolers with the H100i PRO. The newest member of the family brings with it a 240mm...

2 by Joe Shields on 7/19/2018

My Face on a CPU Cooler: Two Minutes with ASUS’ Ryujin CLC

One of the first events of the Computex week was ASUS’ Republic of Gamers press conference. In typical ASUS fashion, a glut of about 11 press releases landed in...

21 by Ian Cutress on 6/20/2018

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