Xbox Live

A short word coming out of E3: despite rolling out a couple of days ago, Microsoft has formally announced Cortana, the Windows-based speech recognition helper (similar to Siri and Google Now) is coming to Xbox Live and the Xbox console platform. This announcement has been suspected for a while as Microsoft integrates more of its technologies together, trying to craft a consistent user experience across as many potential devices as possible. Aside from 'Xbox On', all commands can be processed via Kinect or a headset. According to XboxOneUK via Xbox One Preview Program’s Facebook Page, the following commands are supported: Xbox One Cortana Commands (June 2016) Power “Hey Cortana, Xbox on” (only with Kinect) “Hey Cortana, turn off” “Hey Cortana, restart” Media Controls “Hey Cortana, pause the movie” “Hey Cortana, rewind” “Hey Cortana, play...

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