Today at LG's CES press event, one of the more intriguing announcements was the fact that LG is bringing its rollable OLED TV technology as an actual product later in 2019.

The TV consists of a large base stand which represents the audio system as well as the innards into which the actual OLED panel can roll itself down into. The panel is of 65" dimensions - we currently don't have any more information about the technical specifcations of the panel, other than it is seemingly powered by LG's newly announced second generation Alpha9 SoC.

The OLED panel has a window-blind like back that is able to fold into a cylinder within the base. LG here offers three uses: A traditional full-screen "Full View" experience with the screen fully rolled out, a partially rolled out mode where only a third of the screen is rolled out, showcasing only essential information, called "Line View", and finally a mode in which the panel is completely hidden "Zero View", in which the TV stand solely serves as an audio device.

LG has only announced that the product is coming later in 2019 - we'll try to see if we can get further detailed hardware specifications.

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  • namechamps - Monday, January 7, 2019 - link

    Yeah that is the only useful aspect I could see and it wasn't highlighted or demoed.
  • binkleym - Monday, January 7, 2019 - link

    This is a lot bigger innovation than a lot of commentors seem to realize...

    Remember the good old CRT days, when a TV was a 3 dimensional object. Back then, a 40" screen was *huge*, and required several people to move around.

    Today, LCD TV's are 2 dimensional. It's easier for a single person to move one around, and you can fit a larger screen in the back of your car easily (which is why I have a 65" TV).

    If LG can effectively reduce a TV to 1 dimension, it will again become easier for folks to fit a larger TV in their car, move it around the home, etc. This should in time help reduce the costs of substantially larger TV's. Anyone want a 100" screen at home?
  • jjj - Tuesday, January 8, 2019 - link

    The TV sits against a wall and rollable doesn't solve any problems, it's a gimmick.

    If it was portable, that would be something but it is not.
    If you could adjust the curvature instead of being rollable, that would not be pointless.
    If the display was wireless for both power and data (nothing to do with plastic OLED), that would be nice too.
    They are making things just for the sake of making things, make something of some use, will you?
    At the very least turn this product into a coffee table.

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