Valve head Gabe Newell sent out a message today explaining that the breach of Steam's forums this past Sunday goes beyond the message boards and potentially includes Steam account information.

“We learned that intruders obtained access to a Steam database in addition to the forums,” wrote Newell. “This database contained information including user names, hashed and salted passwords, game purchases, email addresses, billing addresses and encrypted credit card information. We do not have evidence that encrypted credit card numbers or personally identifying information were taken by the intruders, or that the protection on credit card numbers or passwords was cracked.”

Valve has yet to find evidence of illegal credit card activity, though they are of course investigating into what exactly was compromised in the breach. Anyone with a Steam account should keep a close eye on their credit cards just in case. It would also be a good idea to change your Steam account and forum passwords (they should be different), as well as double-check that you aren’t using those passwords elsewhere on the Internet.

And just to be safe, you may want to reset which computers can authorize your Steam account. Just head to “Settings” (“Preferences” for Mac users). Find the “Accounts” tab and click on “Manage Steam Guard Account Security”. From there you can deauthorize all computers with access to the account and reauthorize them as you see fit.

Steam is up and running, though the forums remain closed after Sunday’s attack.

No word from Valve on any plans for a giveaway-themed apology. The PlayStation Network outage did set a precedent with Sony "making good" by gifting select titles to its users, so I wouldn’t be surprised to find at least a few games up for grabs after Valve sorts this all out.

Source: PC Gamer

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  • piroroadkill - Friday, November 11, 2011 - link

    The only thing is, every single time you buy something, you have to uncheck "save my card details for future use".

    It's no big deal, but you have make sure you don't check it.
  • Glibous - Friday, November 11, 2011 - link

    I think it's good that u have the option to save your information. If u enter your information everytime your just as much in risk of theft. So many people have crap virus protection and are at risk of key loggers. I trust a company that invests in security more then my own computer (even though I'm pretty knowledgable at staying secure).

    As for PayPal I use it knowing the risks. I don't use it for major purchases just videogames. I've never had a problem so far. Either way your at risk of theft just by different means.
  • piiman - Friday, November 11, 2011 - link

    The problem is you don't know how much they invest in security, both time and $, until its too late.
  • Glibous - Friday, November 11, 2011 - link

    I don't know dollar amounts but I know they invest more then I have and the common threats plaguing the internet don't really affect those companies. I have the "joy" of dealing with peoples systems all day and 85% of them are virus related. Rootkits, Trojans, Key loggers... Most of them have key loggers and other threats that can be used to cause alot of problems for them. It's definately a good idea to not save your credentials on any site because of the problems companies like Valve, Sony+++++, PayPal+++ have to deal with but theres no absolute safe alternatives. The best way is taking money out of an ATM and buying everything cash. Now you have to worry you don't get mugged. Lol it just never ends
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