CyanogenMod 9 is creeping closer and closer to release, and we're seeing it running on more devices all the time - the first ones to get development builds were mostly Samsung phones, but a video has been posted of the Ice Cream Sandwich-based OS running on the HP TouchPad. This is the latest development in the Android-on-TouchPad saga, which began not a week after HP discounted the TouchPad and dumped all of its inventory.

Video playback and the front-facing camera are apparently not working yet, but otherwise the port seems to be running smoothly. As with the Gingerbread-based TouchPad CyanogenMod betas that have been floating around for awhile now, users can choose to dual boot their machines into either Android or WebOS.

CyanogenMod 9 is set to be officially released this month or next, and will eventually support almost everything currently supported by CyanogenMod 7. According to one of its developers, the CyanogenMod distribution currently boasts over one million active users.

Source: Android Community

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  • ViRGE - Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - link

    Sweet! As a $99 TouchPad buyer this is what I've been waiting for. I hope they manage to fully hammer out Android on the TouchPad.
  • Darkskypoet - Wednesday, January 18, 2012 - link

    Have Team Hacksung's ICS build on my Captivate, runs very well... and CM7A3.5 on my touchpad, again runs great for an Alpha... In reality, it should be considered Beta.. but whatever. Only issue I've had hit me is that if left in a sleep state for a long time, there is a low percentage chance its not waking up. Other then that, the odd time I need to sighup wifi... Not bad at all for an Alpha build, on a mostly unsupported tablet. Quite impressed considering I paid 0$ for the OS and $99 and $149 respectively for my two Touchpads.

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