11:44AM EDT - Hopefully we'll get hands on with the Lumia 1020 very soon!

11:42AM EDT - Visually the 1020 looks like a 920 with a different camera bulge on it

11:42AM EDT - Time for questions now, well that looks like it, the 1020 looks very interesting

11:41AM EDT - Camera grip: $79

11:41AM EDT - Colors: yellow, white, black

11:41AM EDT - Other markets starting this quarter in China and key European markets, and exclusive device variants to Telefonica to Latin America markets

11:40AM EDT - The Nokia Lumia 1020 will be available starting July 26th for $299.99 with a 2 year agreement, preorders on att.com start July 16th

11:40AM EDT - "Today AT&T sells more Windows Phones than any other carrier"

11:38AM EDT - AT&T is the exclusive carrier of the Lumia 1020, well that's that

11:37AM EDT - Ralph from AT&T is on stage now talking about the Lumia 1020

11:36AM EDT - Bringing Lumia 1020 very soon, in US first on AT&T

11:36AM EDT - Nokia gear investment continues with the 1020, snap on wireless charging shell and nokia camera grip with a tripod mount and 1020 mAh battery in the camera grip

11:35AM EDT - The camera development SDK will be available today at developer.nokia.com

11:34AM EDT - So far the camera UIs that Nokia have been showing off look great, lots of control

11:33AM EDT - CNN, vyclone, yelp, foursquare, path, flipboard, panagraph, snapcam, and hipstamatic all use the SDK

11:32AM EDT - Inviting developers to create unique experiences with a Nokia imaging SDK

11:30AM EDT - Now we're seeing the usual assortment of Nokia-specific applications, like Here maps, I want to see more of that camera UI, didn't really get a good picture of it, but I'm reminded of the Galaxy Camera interface with those circles

11:29AM EDT - That 4 second exposure looked really crazy, I've never seen a smartphone take an exposure that long

11:29AM EDT - Nokia smart camera, creative studio, panorama, photo beamer

11:28AM EDT - Very cool light painting with the 1020 and that 4 second exposure

11:27AM EDT - 4 second exposure picture here, special processing that goes on

11:27AM EDT - We're seeing a camera demo here in the dark, almost complete dark

11:26AM EDT - Very cool looking manual focus interface with a slider that rotates

11:25AM EDT - AWB, manual focus, ISO settings all in this camera application

11:24AM EDT - New camera application on the Lumia 1020 called Nokia Pro Camera

11:22AM EDT - Dual capture on the PureView 1020

11:21AM EDT - We're looking at the camera UI for the 1020 right now, looks impressive, zooming in and out

11:20AM EDT - 6 element zeiss optical system in the Lumia 1020

11:18AM EDT - Showing us the level of zoom possible with the 1020, it's dramatic

11:17AM EDT - Elop is dishing on the Galaxy S 4, iPhone 5, and showing how good the 1020 freezes motion with xenon flash

11:16AM EDT - Xenon flash is next up, the 1020 has a Xenon flash

11:16AM EDT - Elop is showing us a stabilized video taken from the 1020

11:15AM EDT - The 1020 uses ball bearings around the housing and magnetically driven motors in its OIS system

11:15AM EDT - Of course, the 1020 combines OIS and the large size sensor

11:14AM EDT - Talking about OIS now on the 1020

11:14AM EDT - Looking at the detail in a lossless zoomed video from the 1020

11:13AM EDT - Oversampling also processes image data for video, up to 1 billion pixels/sec

11:13AM EDT - Really easy to share the 5 MP oversampled images on social networking and cloud storage

11:12AM EDT - Simultaneously saves a 5 MP oversampled image at the same time, using up to 7 pixels from the sensor

11:12AM EDT - 34 or 38 MP image files in 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratio respectively

11:11AM EDT - Sensor innovation and technology called oversampling, advanced the Nokia PureView 808 technology with an ultra high resolution 41 MP BSI sensor

11:10AM EDT - We're going to hear from the team responsible for PureView and the Nokia imaging team

11:10AM EDT - The camera module doesn't look like it sticks out that far at all, not a huge bulge like the PureView 808

11:09AM EDT - Lumia 1020 continues Nokia's color story in yellow, black, and white

11:08AM EDT - There it is, the Lumia 1020

11:07AM EDT - We're looking at a video of what's no doubt the 1020's imaging system

11:07AM EDT - "next chapter in smartphone photography" being introduced today

11:06AM EDT - Talking about low light pictures on the 920, 925, and 928 and OIS

11:05AM EDT - Nokia 7650, N90, N95, N8

11:04AM EDT - Stephen Elop is out talking about the history of Nokia's cameras

11:02AM EDT - Looking at a video showing the history of photography

11:01AM EDT - There's a clock counting down from 41, obviously we're looking at a 41 MP system

11:00AM EDT - Looks like we're going to be getting underway shortly

10:50AM EDT - Obviously because it's likely an MSM8960 inside that means there's bound to be a discrete ISP inside the 1020 somewhere, similar to the beefy discrete ISP on the 808

10:49AM EDT - 41 Megapixels with oversampling and lossless zoom running on a platform I can use could be compelling, that experience was very unique on the PureView 808

10:46AM EDT - There's almost no doubt that the 1020 will be a GDR2 phone, and thus based on MSM8960 and the like for SoC. It's still too early for GDR3 phones based on MSM8974 silicon, though that's obviously coming.

10:45AM EDT - If rumors are true, the Nokia 1020 should be like a PureView 808 running Windows Phone. That was my biggest complaint with the PureView 808, while the imaging experience was best in class, the platform it ran on made using the device as something beyond a camera a chore. Running Windows Phone should obviously address that.

10:34AM EDT - This is the first press event I've been at where we have desks like those from school with the little folding table. I feel like there's going to be a quiz later.

10:30AM EDT - We're looking at photos taken on Nokia Lumia smartphones while waiting on the screen here. The projector is surprisingly kind of low res though.

10:26AM EDT - We've got quite a wait in front of us, the event starts at 11 AM eastern, so in roughly 35 minutes things will get underway

10:17AM EDT - One of the things that Windows Phone handset makers do have control over is the imaging experience, which is good for Nokia since it allows things like PureView

10:14AM EDT - Well, seated and ready to go, it's a nice day in NYC and hopefully we're going to hear about the Lumia 1020 (formerly EOS) which will combine Windows Phone and imaging closer to the PureView 808's system.

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  • yas - Thursday, July 11, 2013 - link

    11:17AM EDT - Elop is dishing on the Galaxy S 4, iPhone 5, and showing how good the 1020 freezes motion with xenon flash....

    Why did they not use the HTC One in this comparison.. would it be just like the 1020 or even better than the 1020....... Something to think on.
  • skiboysteve - Friday, July 12, 2013 - link

    Uh no. The comparison was a low light picture of people jumping in the air. Without xenon flash every photo will be crap due to the slow shutter speed. HTC one would have been not as bad as GS 4 or iPhone 5, but its shutter speed would still have been orders of magnitude longer than the 1/25000 you get with xenon flash so it would have been blurrrrfest
  • skiboysteve - Friday, July 12, 2013 - link

    The off contract price for an iPhone 5 32GB is $750. Subsidized on att it's $300.
    the off contract price for a 1020 is $700. Subsidized on att its $300.

    why the bad subsidized price?
  • Kill16by9TN - Friday, July 12, 2013 - link

    "The 1020 uses ball bearings around the housing and magnetically driven motors in its OIS system"

    Amazing, they just discovered that each and every electric motor is based on magnetism! How else would it function? But it's reassuring, that they finally got rid of the smoking internal combustion engine used in the previous models.

    The interesting, yet unanswered question is however, if they use linear/voice coil motors or traditional ones with a rotating gear or spindle drive.
  • eamon - Sunday, July 21, 2013 - link

    Well, there do exist some exotic motors based on piezoelectric materials effect, and at small scales straightforward static charge attraction/repulsion is practical too :-).
  • ghost6007 - Friday, July 12, 2013 - link

    Yeah, AT&T; as much as I want this phone, not happening.
  • scaramoosh - Saturday, July 13, 2013 - link

    Pixel pitch of 1.1, sensor size is way smaller than the 808, looks by around 50% smaller in total surface area than the 808. Looking at the full resolution shots on my PC, they seem really noisy as a result, something that the 808 doesn't have.

    Be interesting to see if they fixed the amp glow issues of the 808 and if OIS makes a big difference at night for ISO, though if the amp glow issues aren't fixed then ISO will be just as useless and the low light performance will suck worse due to the tiny pixel pitch and loss of sensor size.
  • Braumin - Saturday, July 13, 2013 - link

    The 808 was actually FSI, and this sensor is BSI, so they are claiming it has comparable sensitivity even with the smaller sensor size.

    Of course, reviews will let us know if this is the case or not.
  • scaramoosh - Sunday, July 14, 2013 - link

    It isn't the case, they use BSI because lightguide below a pixel pitch of 1.4 is hard or impossible to do. They had to reduce the pixel pitch to keep the MP at 41mp for obvious marketing reasons.

    Basically what it means and from evidence I've seen, the 808 takes better full resolution photos, the 1020 looks really noisy and so will be the case under using ISO or low light in general.

    Where the 1020 pulls it back is in averaging pixels, however there you lose resolution and that's why Nokia are so keen to show 5mp/8mp.

    Tbh I could buy a BSI sensor at 8mp on any of the other phones with a pixel pitch of 1.3 like the iPhone 5. BSI hasn't proved itself to be worthwhile, it's just good to reduce the size. You don't see bigger sensors use it, for a reason it has its own downfalls and it's less reliable and harder to manufacturer.

    The sacrifice made for OIS, I personally don't think OIS in mobiles has proven to be very good either.
  • Stuffchip - Saturday, July 13, 2013 - link

    The phone really looks awesome..but will it be able to grab consumers attention only the time will tell..

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