The Direct Draw performance of the STB Velocity 128, for the most part is on par with Diamond's Viper V330, no real performance difference here.

Accelerated GL Quake 2 Performance
Video Card STB Velocity 128 (AGP)
Frame Rate (higher is better)
Processor DEMO1
(640 x 480)
(640 x 480)
Pentium II - 300 18.5 16.6
Pentium MMX - 233 13.7 11.8
K6 - 233 12.0 10.5
6x86MX-PR2/200+ (166/66) 9.0 7.3


Supported 3D Features
Feature Capable?
3D Quality/Fog Vertex Capable
3D Quality/Fog Table Not Capable
3D Quality/Specular Highlights Capable
3D Quality/Color Key Transparency Capable
3D Quality/Alpha Transparency Capable
3D Quality/Linear Capable
3D Quality/Mipmap Linear Capable
3D Quality/Dithering Capable
3D Quality/Perspective Correction Capable
3D Quality/Fog Vertex and Color Key Capable
3D Quality/Fog Vertex and Alpha Capable

The Final Decision

The STB Velocity 128 is nothing more than a Diamond Viper V330 with a few more capacitors and a different display driver, you don't really notice any performance increase over the Viper with the Velocity 128, so until the Viper V330 AGP and STB Velocity 128 AGP are available in retail versions the final decision really comes down to personal preference: Who do YOU prefer?  STB or Diamond?

The Bad


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  • james_kaley - Thursday, July 13, 2017 - link

    just buy 1080ti SLI, noob. it has 11GB VRAM and 3584 cores per card. Reply
  • Jedrek_LCD - Saturday, August 3, 2019 - link

    a wonderful rude comment after 30 years from the publication of the test of this NV 128 card ... Reply
  • T&M - Sunday, December 13, 2020 - link

    You were probably not even born when this card was reviewed, so you're the n00b here. Reply
  • Jedrek_LCD - Saturday, August 3, 2019 - link

    This is one of the few websites that have survived for so many years and have retained such old tests. This is already a thing of the past and should be financed if not by governments by the producers of this equipment in order to preserve the memory for the next generations. Great work guys. Reply

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