Abu Dhabi

Today AMD unveiled its new Opteron 6300 series server processors, code name "Abu Dhabi". The Opteron 6300 contains the new Piledriver cores, an evolutionary improvement of the Bulldozer cores. We talked about the long list of small improvements that were made in the "Piledriver" core. Just to recap, it has higher clockspeeds at the same TDP, a "smarter" L2 with more effective bandwidth, smarter prefetching, a perceptron branch predictor that supplements the primary BPU, a larger L1 TLB, schedulers that free up tokens more quickly, faster FP and integer dividers and SYSCALL/RET (kernel/System call instructions), and faster Store-to-Load forwarding. Finally, the new Opteron 6300 can now support one DDR3 DIMM per channel at 1866MHz. With 2 DIMMs per channel, you get a 1600MHz at 1.5V...

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