Alongside today's launch of AMD's new EPYC 7F32, 7F52, and 7F72 processors, stalwart server motherboard and chassis vendor Tyan has officially announced their support for the new chips. Complimenting AMD's announcements, Tyan is adding support for the chips to select models of their Transport HX barebones servers, which are designed for high-performance computing and server data-driven workflows. On the back of a new range of EPYC 7002 processors focused on higher core frequency, Tyan has added support to three models. This includes the Tyan Transport HX TN83-B8251, the TS75A-B8252, and the TS75-B8252. Each model follows a 2U2S design for rack mounting and is offered in barebones form with dual SP3 sockets. The Tyan Transport HX TN83-B8251 officially supports the new AMD EPYC 7F32, AMD's 8...

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