Ryzen 7000 Mobile

ASRock Industrial is one of the few vendors with a lineup of ultra-compact form-factor (UCFF) computing systems based on the latest Intel and AMD platforms. Their lineup of NUC clones - the NUC BOX series with Intel, and the 4X4 BOX series with AMD - has enjoyed significant market success, mainly due to their commitment to leading edge processors. The company introduced the 4X4 BOX-7000 series UCFF PCs based on AMD's Rembrandt-R SoCs in early February, and sent across their flagship SKU - the 4X4 BOX-7735U/D5 - to be put through our rigorous evaluation routine. The 4X4 BOX-7735U/D5 is one of the first UCFF mini-PCs to rely on DDR5 SODIMMs, and it is the first AMD-based mini-PC in our labs to include USB4 functionality (with...

ASRock Industrial's 4X4 BOX 7000/D5 Series Brings Zen 3+ and USB4 40Gbps to UCFF Systems

ASRock Industrial's lineup of ultra-compact form-factor machines in the NUC BOX (Intel-based) and 4X4 BOX (AMD-based) series has gained popularity over the last couple of years. Being the first...

40 by Ganesh T S on 2/10/2023

AMD Announces Ryzen Mobile 7045 HX-Series CPUs, Up to 16-Cores and 5.4 GHz for Laptops

While many companies such as Razer offer 'desktop' replacements in the form of very high-end and powerful gaming laptops, the silicon that goes into them not only needs to...

11 by Gavin Bonshor on 1/4/2023

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