Windows RT

When Windows 10 was first announced, one of the first questions was would this upgrade be available for Windows RT devices running on ARM based platforms. The answer was no, but Microsoft said that it would bring some of the functionality of Windows 10 to Windows RT users though an update sometime after Windows 10 shipped. Apparently that day was yesterday, as Microsoft pushed out patch KB3033055 which enables the Windows 10 style Start Menu in Windows RT. Header. This is where the user account picture and power button appear. Pinned List. Apps that are pinned for easy access appear here. Most Frequently Used applications list (MFU). Apps that are frequently used but not pinned anywhere else will appear here. All Apps button. Selecting this button displays the...

Microsoft Announces Windows 8 Product Editions

Microsoft Communications Manager Brandon LeBlanc has finally given us our first official information about product editions for Windows 8, which is now confirmed to be the product's actual shipping...

56 by Andrew Cunningham on 4/16/2012

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