Focal Anti-Aliasing - Depth of Field

Another effect found in film is the ability to draw attention to specific characters or objects by focusing to a specific distance. Once again, current 3D graphics are always razor sharp and completely in focus, regardless of depth. This just isn't how the eye or a camera works in real life.

In the example below, your attention is immediately drawn to the bug in front by the foreground focus. In the second image, the focus has shifted to the background and your attention follows. This is an extremely important cinematic effect that is constantly used in the world of film, but has never before been seen on a PC.

Images from "A Bug's Life," Copyright 1998, Pixar Animation Studios

The biggest use for depth of field effects will be in adventures games, RPG's, and any cut scene that's not pre-rendered. Another possibility is a double-vision effect that could be applied to any game. Once again, we have a couple of screen shots from 3dfx's "rocket burger" demo that shows off depth of field, with the effect disabled on the left and enabled on the right.

Image courtesy 3dfx Interactive

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