Video Cards in 2001: Preview

by Anand Lal Shimpi on November 22, 2000 6:00 PM EST


We have seen the CPU industry go from a market dominated by a single manufacturer to a much more competitive arena with two manufacturers struggling for clear dominance.  We can also say that without a doubt that the video card market of 1999/2000 resembled the Intel dominated CPU industry of yesterday, except headed by NVIDIA. 

Fortunately things are changing.  While NVIDIA is continuing on track to gain even more control of the market throughout the next year, the market itself will be getting much more competitive.  At this year’s Fall Comdex we went around to all of the four major video chipset manufacturers, 3dfx, ATI, Matrox and NVIDIA and discussed with them all their future products as well as their competition strategies for 2001. 

Without further ado let’s pay a quick visit to 3dfx.

3dfx: Learning from mistakes
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