03:39PM EST - Looks like we're done! Thanks for following!

03:38PM EST - ASUS appears to have signed an exclusive agreement with AT&T

03:37PM EST - NFC is also supported

03:37PM EST - Comes with the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon SoC (805?)

03:37PM EST - Padfone X is a 5" Full HD phone and a 9" Full HD tablet

03:36PM EST - Padfone X supports LTE with carrier aggregation and VoLTE

03:35PM EST - Padfone X coming on AT&T to the US

03:34PM EST - Jeff Bradley, Senior VP at AT&T

03:34PM EST - AT&T is taking the stage

03:34PM EST - "when will you bring the Padfone to the US?"

03:33PM EST - We've got more details on everything here: http://www.anandtech.com/show/7627/asus-at-ces-2014

03:32PM EST - ASUS really has a ton of native apps in its ZenUI suite

03:32PM EST - Broad compatibility with cloud services

03:30PM EST - Low light mode reduces resolution to increases brightness, sounds like some sort of pixel binning

03:30PM EST - Now looking at the camera UI

03:27PM EST - Color themes to match your phone's color

03:26PM EST - ZenUI - Android UI layer from ASUS?

03:26PM EST - Now he's comparing GPU performance to low end Qualcomm and MediaTek parts, those prices must be outright ownership not under contract

03:25PM EST - Yeah it's Atom Z2560 and Z2580

03:25PM EST - 4 thread chips, Hyper Threading is listed as supported - I'm guessing this isn't Silvermont based

03:24PM EST - Looks like all of the phones are Atom based

03:24PM EST - He's showing off WebXPRT and MobileXPRT results

03:24PM EST - "Next I want to talk about a very important subject: performance"

03:23PM EST - Padfone mini starts at $249

03:23PM EST - Padfone mini is up next

03:23PM EST - Not sure if these are assuming a 2-year agreement or not

03:23PM EST - Zenfone 6 starts at $199

03:22PM EST - 6-inch display, you can write on it with any pen or pencil apparently

03:22PM EST - PenTouch - input with "regular pens" 13MP f/2.0 camera

03:22PM EST - Zenfone 6, another Intel inside logo

03:22PM EST - I see an Intel inside logo on the Zenfone 5

03:21PM EST - Zenfone 5 starts at $149

03:21PM EST - 8MP camera with some form of image stabilization, not clear if it's EIS or OIS

03:21PM EST - GloveTouch, allows input with gloves on

03:20PM EST - Next is the Zenfone 5

03:20PM EST - Available starting at $99

03:20PM EST - Zenfone 4: 4-inch IPS display, 5MP camera, 5 vibrant colors

03:19PM EST - Complete lineup of Zenfones

03:19PM EST - Zenfone 4, Zenfone 5, Zenfone 6 and Padfone mini

03:19PM EST - Just showed a 4" phone mating to a 7" tablet display

03:18PM EST - Looks like multiple display sizes

03:18PM EST - Watching a video showing off whatever phone ASUS is about to announce

03:18PM EST - This is admittedly one of the smoothest running ASUS CES press conferences I've ever been to

03:17PM EST - Now we're on to phones

03:17PM EST - I'm sitting next to AnandTech alum Gary Key, he's awesome

03:17PM EST - Looks like it's not IPS though, apparently really good for a TN panel

03:16PM EST - Starting at $799

03:16PM EST - 120Hz+ refresh rate, 1ms response time, 6mm bezel

03:16PM EST - 27-inch 2560 x 1440 G-Sync display

03:15PM EST - "Say hello to our first ROG monitor"

03:15PM EST - "Do we have any gamer in the house?"

03:15PM EST - The TD300 looks a lot like a Zenbook with a detachable display

03:15PM EST - Looks like the CPU is contained within the display chassis (for obvious reasons)

03:14PM EST - Yeah it looks like a single CPU in the chassis, not sure why Bay Trail was pictured, supports up to a Core i7

03:13PM EST - Renee James, Intel's President, just took the stage

03:13PM EST - Not sure about the BayTrail comment earlier though, ASUS isn't saying anything about why BT was pictured

03:12PM EST - Starts at $599

03:12PM EST - Neither Android on top of Windows nor Windows on top of Android, no emulation going on here

03:11PM EST - Only takes 4 seconds to transition from Windows to Android or vice versa

03:11PM EST - When detached from the keyboard, it turns into a BayTrail device it seems

03:11PM EST - 4th gen Intel Core CPU

03:11PM EST - Jonney is always so gracious, he always thanks the audience whenever they take photos of him and his products

03:10PM EST - World's first and only 4-in-1: Android Laptop, Windows Laptop, Windows Tablet and Android Tablet

03:10PM EST - Transformer Book Duet TD300

03:10PM EST - ASUS is really big on this concept

03:09PM EST - Looks like a Transformer Book that runs both OSes

03:09PM EST - Watching a 2-in-1 switch between Windows 8.1 and Android

03:09PM EST - cue the video

03:08PM EST - "...that is also mobile and affordable"

03:08PM EST - "we know you want one device for everything from work to play"

03:08PM EST - Perfect combination of performance desktop, powerful notebook and a zero compromise tablet

03:08PM EST - Now talking about dual OS/dual CPU in the Transformer Book Trio

03:07PM EST - Now recapping the Transformer Book T100's success

03:07PM EST - Talking about the Transformer Pad

03:07PM EST - "we revived the PC industry with a game changer"

03:06PM EST - Here we go, Jonney Shih just took the stage!

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  • wbensky - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    two live blogs at once whaaaatttttt........
  • blanarahul - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    Awesome!!! QHD with G-SYNC!! HELL YEAH!!
  • Connoisseur - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    Wow, $100-$250 outright ownership for mid to high end performance phones? Even if all the specs aren't bleeding edge that would be insane. I don't believe it.
  • wbensky - Monday, January 6, 2014 - link

    So no release date on Padfone?
  • mattyc - Tuesday, January 7, 2014 - link

    Can't wait for a review on the monitor. Maybe the TN panel is worth it.
  • parim - Wednesday, January 8, 2014 - link

    is the Transfromer duet running android on Haswell?

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